Inspection and Repair Services

Environmental Pollution Solutions Inspection and Repair Services

Our on-site services include the inspection of all of your electrostatic precipitators and preparation of a punch list of recommended repairs.  We will help direct and coordinate all of the contractors on site.  We will direct your local contractor to correct any problems found and perform all necessary preventive maintenance.  The outage coverage would include the following areas:

1.Complete on-line and off-line inspection and analysis of equipment, and supervision of all recommended repair / retrofit work.  Inspection findings and recommendations are documented in a written report.  Photographs and / or video recordings of inspection findings are included to enhance the report.
Internal inspection of a Wet ESP Top High Voltage Frame Work and Collecting Tubes. Iceland

Internal inspection of a Wet electrostatic precipitators Top High Voltage Frame Work and Collecting Tubes. Iceland

2.Check all of the internal components for damage, corrosion, and proper alignment.
3.Inspect the insulators, insulator compartments and TR connections.
4.Inspection of the rapping systems components.  We will run the rapping systems to insure that they are operating and impacting properly.
5.Inspection of inlet and outlet plenums, adjacent ductwork and distribution plates. During the dirty inspection we will attempt to evaluate the gas distribution by observing the flow patterns in the ESP.
6.Inspect the casing, access doors, hoppers, and ash removal system.
7.Final inspection of all work and verification of completion quality to ensure that equipment will operate properly over the next year.
AVC/TR review   Russian Copper Smelter

AVC/TR review
Russian Copper Smelter

8.If the equipment is available, the ESP will be Air-Load tested, the controls will be reviewed with an oscilloscope, and the spark response will be checked and calibrated and the controls adjusted for best performance.
9.Our final report would include a set of photographs documenting key areas of the outage inspection and / or work and include recommendations based on the internal inspection and material supplied by you for review.  We will provide a CD of all of the outage photographs. A list of recommendations for the next year’s outage will be included within the report.
10.All work will be done with your approval and any items that were not included in the outage work scope will only be done after being approved by the plant  project  coordinator contact.
11.Analysis of process parameters and precipitator operation to optimize system performance.
12.Technical support and troubleshooting of all precipitator and related control equipment.
13.Training of plant personnel in all areas of electrostatic precipitator application and operation to promote high efficiency, low maintenance operation.
14.We provide services World Wide, in Inspection, Field Services and Consulting Engineering.