Bag Filter



The Bag House / Bag Filter is the generic name of an Air pollution control Equipment that is designed around the use of engineered fabric filter tubes, envelopes or cartridges in the dust capturing, separation or filtering process.




  • With stringent airborne emission standards, the cement industry has begun to use Bag Houses/Bag Filter Systems for control of emissions in kilns and raw mill circuit , coal mills and cement mills.
  • In cement kilns, bag houses are used in combination together with the conditioning tower system.
  • EPS World has designed all type of Bag Houses for many dry process.


  • Our filter Bags are lapped, stitched, integral collar and optimum bag length gives strong bags and do not give away
  • Modular design
  • Over 99.9% efficiency
  • Top Bag removal
  • Verity of the bag to suit different applications. Bags are made of Polyester, Non-woven Polyester with needle punches,  PTFE coated, Nomex, Ryton and Fiber Glass Bags
  • Corrosion resistant cages
  • Long Bag Life Guarantee
  • Explosion vent Designs
  • Durable casing & Quick Access doors
  • PLC Controlled Cleaning
  • Turn key installations
  • Automatic air pulse jet system with adjustable sequential timer to clean filter bags on-line
  • Bottom cone angle of housing is 45 degree hence powder slides freely down
  • Heavy duty cages provide firm bag support and stability for long life
  • Solenoid valves with steel plunger, programmed sequential controller for complete automatic cleaning
  • Smooth tube sheets avoid tearing of the bags while expansion