Services & Consulting

There is an environmental aspect to just about every project that we execute, whether it’s at the study, concept, Commissioning and Startup phase.

Environmental planning for projects usually interfaces with the conceptual process design, estimating and construction planning phases of a project. We provide a complete environmental service capability to save our clients both time and money.

Our detailed knowledge of the energy, utility and process industries, the releases they produce and the environmental issues they raise, enables us to identify designs and working methods for site construction and plant operation that meet or exceed all regulations. For all projects we develop environmental plans, procedures and standards, and identify opportunities for continual improvement.

As well as providing a service which integrates the environmental component as part of the overall project, we also apply our environmental expertise on a standalone basis.

We apply our environmental expertise in many other ways, not just on projects. We work closely with our staff, clients, partners, suppliers and contractors to ensure that we work in an environmentally responsible way. These include addressing our own environmental performance in our offices, helping to protect the natural environment, important artifacts or local wildlife around project sites, working with clients to increase energy efficiency or energy integration, providing specialist environmental consultancy or remediation services, or working with our clients on exciting new technology solutions.

We also offer specialist environmental expertise in these key areas, as part of a project or on a standalone basis:

  •     Energy optimization/energy efficiency
  •     Environmental monitoring/ modeling/auditing
  •     Environmental Impact Assessment
  •     Environmental audits/site evaluation
  •     Waste and water management
  •     Remediation