Electrical and Control Services Design and Installation

Electrical Room at Kent Power, UK

Electrical Room at Kent Power, UK

ARC Engineering our Parent Company can provide electrical design services for several different types of facilities including commercial, industrial, agricultural, educational, and institutional. Design services include providing construction documents for use in bid, build or design build projects. ARC Electrical works alongside facility owners, contractors, architects, and other consultants to ensure that the design, integration, and implementation of your electrical system meet applicable regulatory codes and current industry standards.

Our services include the following:

•Lighting Design

Lighting system design has become increasingly more important for facilities.  ARC Electrical works hard to select   light fixture types and lighting control systems that fit the needs of your project and meet  energy efficiency   requirements and standards. Selecting the proper lighting system and control scheme can greatly enhance a   facility’s use and functionality.

•Power Distribution Design

Coordinates with the serving utility to ensure that the electrical service to a facility is properly sized and   coordinated. Power distribution design is extended from the electrical service entrance point to individual   distribution panel boards, motor control centers, and other auxiliary systems. Power distribution is designed to   meet the needs of each facility’s electrical load. Our staff provides electrical specifications, power one-line   diagrams, panel board schedules, and load flow analysis for all types of projects.


Part of the facility power distribution design includes evaluating voltage drop, harmonic distortion, and power   factor within the electrical system. Specific electrical equipment selection and specification is made to ensure high   power quality system performance.


Electrical Room Power House  Sual - Pangasinan, Philippine Islands

Electrical Room Power House
Sual – Pangasinan, Philippine Islands

•Motor Controls and Automation

Motor controls and automation projects vary from local start/stop station controls to fully automated and   integrated control ARC Electrical works with controls and automation consultants to ensure that motor control   systems are fully integrated to meet the needs of each client. Centralized motor control centers or individual motor   starting and control equipment is designed to maximize system performance and efficiency.

•Coordination and Arc Flash Studies

Electrical system protection and coordination studies are key components to ensuring that a facility’s electrical   system is operating in a safe and reliable manner. Proper system coordination ensures that electrical faults are   isolated within the electrical system such that shutdowns can be isolated to individual sections or portions of a   facility’s electrical system.

ARC Electrical  also conducts arc flash studies to determine the available incident energy levels present at various   points on the facility’s electrical system. Our staff works with clients to provide proper arc flash evaluation and   training to ensure that appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) selection can be made to work safely on   the electrical system.