Non-Destructive Testing Services

Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) and Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) has been defined as combining the testing methods that are used to investigate the material integrity of an object or system without causing damage to it. It is the most effective and applied testing method of examining the integrity of an object, material or a system without reducing its longevity.


Lead High Voltage Frame Wet ESP Corrosion

Lead High Voltage Frame Wet ESP Corrosion

Whether it is in fabrication, pipe manufacturing, pipelines, plant construction, industrial plants, the offshore industry, or in conventional power plants, defects and discontinuities in a material must be detected before they reach a critical size and result in severe damage and expensive corrective actions.


As Non-Destructive Testing does not alter the object being inspected, NDT is a highly-valuable technique which can save both money and time during the quality and safety evaluations.


EPS World provides several Non-Destructive Techniques to locate and size defects in products and assets, thereby ensuring quality and safety. EPS World scope of services covers both conventional and advanced Non-Destructive techniques.

Copper Smelter Sulphuric Acid Tank Inspections Kazakhstan, CIS

Copper Smelter Sulphuric Acid Tank Inspections
Kazakhstan, CIS

EPS World can provide Non-Destructive Testing Services throughout an asset’s life cycle, including the design, procurement and installation phase, as well as the operation of the asset. For each phase of the asset’s lifecycle. EPS World provides the most appropriate and efficient Non-Destructive Testing Services to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your asset.


Using Non-Destructive Testing, it  is possible to inspect welds for defects or irregularities that can compromise the weld strength,

subsequently leading to serious damage. The most appropriate Non-Destructive Testing method for welding inspection is typically

Ultrasonic Testing.


EPS World has a worldwide track record with proven performance on new construction, pipeline installation, in-service inspection and expansion projects as a total Non-Destructive Testing Solution Provider.

EPS World  continuously develops and improves its services and applications. Our Non-Destructive Testing Services are not only Integrated with our NDT Solutions, but also with our Material Testing Laboratories, and they fit seamlessly into our Supply Chain Services. Our services are packaged around your assets and production processes, to be utilized when required.


Corrosion on Casing Inspection on Lead Lined Wet ESP.

Corrosion on Casing Inspection on Lead Lined Wet ESP.

The scope of EPS World Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) covers both conventional advance Non-Destructive Testing methods, provided by qualified inspectors in accordance with international standards.

EPS World can Also Offer Training Courses and provides workshops Non-Destructive Testing (on-site at your company’s premises, if requested). Experienced instructors share knowledge that complies with guidelines, and local and international.


NDT/NDE standards are followed, such as SNT TC1A and EN 473.


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