Preventative Maintenance Services

ARC Engineering can provide your plant with “hands-on” Maintenance and Preventative Consulting. Each maintenance consultant works alongside your management team during analysis, plan creation and implementation to ensure that all your maintenance goals are met.


Analysis The maintenance consulting process begins with a thorough audit of Existing maintenance practices. Time is spent observing maintenance activities, interviewing employees, conferring with management, reviewing documentation, touring facilities and becoming familiar with the client’s unique situation and environment.

Meeting with Plant Managers and Engineers

Meeting with Plant Managers and Engineers

The resulting report includes observations and suggestions about all variables that impact your maintenance program’s effectiveness, including tool availability, plant condition, employee productivity, shop layout, employee skill levels, supervision, equipment condition and availability, work order effectiveness, schedule compliance and planned maintenance practices.


Plan Creation The next step in the consulting process is using audit findings to create a plan for maintenance improvement. The maintenance consultant suggests detailed courses of action, and works with management to create steps and timelines for implementation.


Implementation The final step in the consulting process is generally the most intense: installing and implementing the maintenance plan. During the maintenance management training and plan implementation, the consultant makes the process of change as painless as possible by working with employees and management, tweaking and adjusting when needed, and providing experienced guidance every step of the way. At the conclusion of the maintenance management consulting process, you are left with a planned maintenance program that works; a maintenance program that over time will return many times what it cost; a maintenance program that allows you to enjoy the maintenance experience.


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South India, New ESP Installation Lead Smelter

South India, New ESP Installation
Lead Smelter